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3 separate images printed individually or on one piece of paper


2 separate images printed individually or on one piece of paper


See Serigraphy

Limited Edition Lithograph

This is the same as the limited edition print. Virtually all reproductions are printed lithographically.


A printing technique in which the image areas on the lithographic stone or metal plate are chemically treated to except ink and repel water, while the non-image areas are treated to repel ink and retain water.
Because the printing surface remains flat, lithography is sometimes referred to as a planographic technique.


Using a four color process this is a lithographic reproduction of painting often with type on or around the image.


This is also referred to as silkscreen or screen printing. Uses a stencil process that uses a fabric to support the stenciled image while ink is forced through the mesh with a squeegee on to a piece of paper or another substrate.

Silk Screen

An early term for the screen printing process when natural silk fabric was used as the stencil support. Modern fabrics used include polyester, nylon, and other blends.

Stone Lithograph

An image is drawn or painted with a greasy substance on a lime stone slab. The stone is chemically treated to except water.
The wet stone is inked with a roller and printed on a lithography press.

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