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Images on Clipartoday.com are either termed Royalty Free or are in the Public Domain


The Royalty Free images on Clipartoday.com are not freely available for download.

You must first pay a one time license fee which grants you the right to then use the image and any other in the collection on multiple projects without restriction.

Royalty Free images are watermarked until a license is purchased.


In the Public Domain sections of the site the owners of Clipartoday.com have made a good faith effort to include only those images which appear to be in the Public Domain.

These Public Domain images can be downloaded and used for personal and commercial projects.

All pages in Clipartoday.com containing Public Domain images are marked thus and are not mixed with Royalty Free images

If you are aware of an image on Clipartoday.com which is not in the Public Domain, please contact us.

We will immediately investigate and remove the image if needed.

We take all claims of copyright violation very seriously and strive to ensure no copyrighted images make it into our public domain section.

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